• by Casie Hartwich


Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? I mean, what else do we have going on right now?

It was roughly August 2015. Definitely 90+ degrees. We were on the verge of celebrating our first full year owning and operating Rockhill Real Estate Group. Trish and I both had babies within 60 days of opening the company and life was sweet. Poor Brooke endured a long year co-owning a brand new company with two very sleep deprived and busy new moms. But we were doing it and based on the people surrounding us; we were in great company!

As with anything in life, there comes a time when the roller coaster takes a shot down and Trish and I were sitting in the front seat for this ride.

Casually, one afternoon, Trish mentioned to me she had a listing appointment at a house in Wamego. Naturally, my curiosity perked, and I was grilling her about the address, sellers, etc., and pretty quickly realized I was very familiar with the property; but not really the owners. Trish suggested we both take the listing appointment; I mean, two-for-the-price-of-one and we knew we would make a great duo for this seller.

We rolled up confident with 27 years combined experience and waltzed thru the house tour practically salivating at the opportunity to lock this listing up. However, when we sat down to tell Mrs. Seller what we offered, we ended up looking like a pair of 11-year olds wearing our mom’s high heels for the first time.

Awkward. Stuttering. Blank stares. Clumsy with our words. Unsure of what to say or where to look. Squirming in our seats because we couldn’t articulate one single sentence as a team. You would think this was the very first listing appointment either of us had ever done.

I think I felt sweat trickle down my face at one point. Trish and I could only desperately look at each other trying to silently plead for help and neither of us ever delivered. We sounded like we had a mouth full of rocks whenever we spoke.

Somehow, we found a way to finish up the circus we created and limped back to our car defeated and delirious from the experience.

And then we fell into an uncontrollable fit of delirious giggles. We could barely breath laughing at ourselves. We vowed we would never take a meeting together again.

And we didn’t for 5 years.

Well, fast forward to April 2020. Another big seller wanted to meet with both of us.


As much as we can laugh about what happened then, we knew we would never walk away from a new opportunity out of fear. So we took that meeting, pushed the fear away and rocked the meeting.

The curse was broke!! So, like true professionals, we bought ourselves some matching new shades to celebrate!

Disappointment and failure is tough, but redemption is sweet. We hope if you’re in a tough spot you remember to keep your head up high and keep climbing out!

Have a great week!


PS-The seller never called us back and we saw a short time later another Realtor listed the house 😂

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