• by Casie Hartwich

Passing the Broker Baton

Early in the developmental stages of Rockhill Real Estate Group, there was a strong desire to cultivate a climate encouraging each other and our agents to discover who they were and never fear asking for what they needed.

For myself, I am a person that thrives on change. New. Fresh. Enhanced. It might be good, but can it be better? Always in a search to make things more efficient. But like anything, the constant state of change can cause chaos and the realization hit me, in my hustle to be better, I had emptied my cup and I was exhausted.

So, I sought out one more change. It took me weeks to set the meeting up. I had to tell Trish and Brooke I needed a break.

How? What would they say? Am I really going to be ok making THIS type of change?

Finally, I decided to take my own advice and take care of the hard stuff NOW. Immediately. I had to quit letting the anxiety of the meeting take away more time than it already had from my life.

Several minutes of rambling later, I asked Trish if she would be the managing broker. Expecting silence, or a field of questions, I heard the perfect response.


An excellent mixture of soothing confidence & determination, I felt the elephant step off my chest and in the ensuing weeks I watched Trish effortlessly step into the role I've held for the past seven years. We shared it with our team and have internally made the change for a few weeks.

Now, we're ready to share it with the world!

Trisha Beggs, Managing Broker.

Casie Hartwich, Associate Broker.

Obviously, I'm thrilled for the opportunity of a break to focus on my clients (yep, I'm still selling real estate!), my children and providing the background support to Trish that she and Brooke have provided me all of these years. I know there will be a time when Trish needs a break, and I can't wait to be there for her like she was for me.

I'm so thankful to be surrounded by people eager to take the baton when life is running you tired. My hope is if you haven't found that yet you'll keep searching.

As Always,