• by Casie Hartwich


1825 days. 2 countries. 3 states.

No matter the time or distance, we are happy to be in Julie Maynard’s professional portfolio for the past 5 years.

Our longest-running employee started off as our office manager in 2015, quickly got licensed as a REALTOR and then life threw a curveball & she was living in Germany.

If you’ve had the privilege to know Julie then you know you’d do anything to keep her in your life. This Nebraska-gal is the real life “Julie-of-all-Trades”

She knows how to do everything.

Sell a house? Absolutely.

Change the oil in your car? Easy.

Navigate the European train transportation system? Done.

Build a website? Effortless.

Create custom marketing material? Give her a day.

Need a gel manicure? Take a seat. Be done in 30.

Need to cook an impressive meal? She’ll send a 4-course menu over with all the tips and tricks.

Shall I continue on?

Julie is exponentially talented in so many facets of life. The best part is she is pure kindness, a true girl’s girl but can talk cars better than most men, and finds a way to maximize the balance of “work hard, play hard.”

While we all wish Julie could live in Manhattan, KS full time, we are happy she chooses to continue her career with Rockhill Real Estate Group as Julie and her husband, Ryan, dedicate their lives to the US Army.

Happy five years with Rockhill, Julie!

As Always,


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