• by Casie Hartwich

Happy National Entrepreneur's Day!

Happy National Entrepreneur's Day!

Nine times. Brooke, Trish and myself have tried 9 times to hold a strategic planning session for our company over the past 5 years. The first one took two hours and we only accomplished ordering Christmas gifts for our agents.

We tried going to different locations to increase productivity. Still, way too many distractions. Too many work-related distractions that needed our immediate attention and the planning session would fall to the back burner.

Rewind to 4 weeks ago and one afternoon, on a whim, we bought tickets to fly to Chicago. It was settled. We were going to force ourselves to take a 5:30am flight on Sunday morning to work our tails off checking things off the to-do list and if time allowed, wander down Michigan Avenue to stimulate the local economy.

We arrived at our hotel and promptly got to work. All of a sudden, we realized 2 hours had flown by and not a single distraction. Sunday at 8am is very quiet in the real estate world. We revamped, reworded and redesigned nearly every marketing facet of our operation.

Can I just tell you how satisfying it was to spend 2 solid hours with your business partners talking, speculating, brainstorming and dreaming of what’s to come for our company that we’ve meticulously built from the ground up?

Almost perfection.

But as always, the guilt of being a working-mother found a way to wiggle her way into our euphoric high. Collectively, we hated being away from our kids and constantly questioned their well-being.

Did they sleep ok? Did they eat breakfast? Are they sad? Do they know mommy loves them?

Guilt. Guilt. Guilt.

As we continued on throughout the day working on different areas that needed our attention, we literally took turns reminding ourselves we are great role models for our kids and being victim to guilt is the only short-coming our children will feel if we let it consume us.

So, we kept the concern of our babies at bay, focused on our work and just flat out chased our professional dreams with the hope we are inspiring our 6 little humans to someday have the confidence to chase their dreams too!

Rockhill Real Estate Group Owners in Chicago - Casie Hartwich, Trish Beggs, Brooke Norman-Tapp

Entrepreneurs. Self-employed. Leaders. Hustlers. Movers and shakers. That’s us. And we stand damn proud to be where we are today.

Rockhill Real Estate Group Owners in Chicago - Casie Hartwich, Trish Beggs, Brooke Norman-Tapp

But the best part?

We are surrounded by the most talented, inspiring & tenacious Realtors at our firm. Truly, they are the most incredible group of people and we are lucky to be surrounded by them.

Rockhill Real Estate Group Owners in Chicago - Casie Hartwich, Trish Beggs, Brooke Norman-Tapp

To my fellow entrepreneurs, cheers to you! Here is to a day celebrating all of your hard work and discipline. May your 2019 be winding down as a great year and your calendar in 2020 be

0full of success. And know your kids are so proud of you!

Happy National Entrepreneur's Day!

As Always,


P.S. -We did find Michigan Avenue

P.P.S. - Work hard, play hard

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