• by Casie Hartwich

Chasing Goals

Jacob Boyer, Realtor Rockhill Real Estate Group Manhattan, Kansas

It was the spring of 2016 & life was moving fast at the office. I was preparing to have my second child, business was booming & our company was growing at a rapid pace. Life was crazy at Rockhill Real Estate Group!

In the midst of the chaos, my partners, Brooke Norman-Tapp & Trish Beggs, elected to maintain our mantra of "quality over quantity" when it came to the real estate agents representing our company. Weekly we receive requests of people wanting to enter into the real estate industry and it is tough to balance a healthy growth within the walls of our office. The desire to continuously grow but maintain the ability to confidently tell someone "yes, you can make a career out of this profession" is TOUGH to do. I can admit the competition is fierce and it requires your A-game. Every-single-day!

So one afternoon while I was headed to KC to help a client pick selections for her newly built house, I received an email from a Jacob Boyer. The name was familiar and a quick Facebook search stalk showed me I had a number of in-common friends. I quickly put 2+2 together and realized he was dating a young lady I used to babysit in high school AND was in the Army, so I knew we had to meet this guy.

Plus, he had about a million of the cutest pictures of himself and his girlfriend. You could tell he loved her fiercely!

Just those three things and he had a meeting secured with us! Like I said earlier, we run a tight ship and are VERY picky about how we decide to interview.

Just kidding. That was a joke. We firmly and seriously believe everyone deserves a meeting.

So after one meeting, we all agreed he would likely be a good addition for our team and we were open for a trial run together. Boy-did we under estimate HOW good Jake would be on our team. The young man is a phenomenal addition. One-of-a-kind. An absolute anchor of our company.

He's been licensed less than 2 years but it is no surprise he is one of the most wanted agents in our area.

Most often, Brooke, Trish & myself feel a heavy responsibility to be the motivational and inspirational force behind our agents. But somehow as Jake's personality and identity as a person and a Realtor within our firm as emerged, we find ourselves motivated and inspired by him. In a world of entitled people, he is the old-school version of someone who puts his head down and just flat gets after it. There is a thirst and hunger to learn the industry and his evolution as an agent is remarkable.

His career as a Realtor started at the ripe age of 22 & fresh out of the military. He didn't have the luxury of hometown connections as a Manhattan, KS transplant via California. When any sort of opportunity arises, he continues to just keep grinding and doing whatever it takes to be successful.

If you were to ask Jake about the success he's achieved so far, he will humbly tell you he is nowhere near where he wants to be sales-wise.

However, I'll tell you!

Late in 2017, we set a goal for Jake which was 2 times higher than his previous year. Stunned but impressed by his ambition, I was ready to do whatever I could to assist him.

I'm happy/ecstatic/impressed/blown away that mid-way through July, Jake has met his goal!!!!!!!!!!

In JULY!!!

We are all so excited for Jake!! Any success arriving at Jake's doorstep is very well-deserved. It is no surprise to me or anyone else at our company to see him crushing his goals.

Congratulations, Jake! We can't wait to celebrate you once you get moved into your new house!

Oh yeah, in less than two years time, Jake and Whitney (his now wife!) have managed to work their tails off to buy their first house and neither of them are technically old enough to rent a car.

Congratulations, Boyers!

As always,


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