• by Trish Beggs

So Proud

When the opportunity to co-found Rockhill Real Estate Group presented itself, I was 6 months pregnant with my first child. The nerves of opening a new company plus entering into motherhood were certainly scary to me!

Would I be successful in this new business venture?

How could I care for a newborn in addition to a new company?

Who will care for my baby while I work?

How long will I get “off” work while I recover from delivering my son?

These were just a few of the questions racing thru my mind daily and sometimes even hourly!

It was also during this time my husband was getting an itch for a new venture as he felt he’d reached his full growth potential at his current job. Slowly the two of us realized the closer we got to my due date, the possibility of him staying at home would be a dream come true.

But I’m far from reckless.

We couldn’t make the decision for Casey to quit his job at the same time we were opening a new company & awaiting Roman’s arrival.

As with life, Roman decided to make a dramatic appearance 5 weeks early!

So… what little I had planned for childcare was totally out the window.

For the first 9 weeks of Roman’s life we were able to piece together childcare thru a wonderful tribe of our family and friends before coming to the conclusion Casey would quit his job & stay at home.

As scary as it was to be 9 weeks post-partum and now be the sole financial provider for my family, I am so proud of the responsibility and success to be able to provide to my sons a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

In a world where women are rapidly playing catch-up to equality towards men in the professional setting, I am SO PROUD to be able to provide this lifestyle for our family. And

I am so thankful to my husband for standing beside me as we navigate an image to our sons that anyone can be anything they want to be in life!



PS-Mark your calendars for June 22nd from 11a-1p to help me celebrate my milestone!

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