• by Trish Beggs

Crazy & Outlandish

This story goes back to my Concordia, KS real estate days. However, it didn’t catch up to me until 2012.

But let me take you back to 2008.

In a small one-horse town (Jamestown) there was a bank robbery.

How does this involve me?

I’ll tell you I wasn’t the teller nor the robber.

Now, back to 2012.

I was furiously working away back in my office when the receptionist buzzed back I had some visitors.

Unexpected visitors, I’ll add.

Despite my confusion, I threw on my best smile & waltzed up front to see who was here to see me.

Imagine my shock/surprise/confusion when the two gentlemen standing there whipped out their FBI badges upon introducing themselves to me.

Long story short, a house I had listed and showed with a co-worker the day of the robbery was the alibi for the suspect.

He alleged at being present during the showing so his time and location could be accounted for as they investigated him.

He was not there and was found guilty.

Good try, robber.



PS-Mark your calendars for June 22nd from 11a-1p to help me celebrate my milestone!

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