• by Trish Beggs

Day in the Life

5:45-7:20 Alarm goes off! Hit snooze for another 15 minutes & talk myself into getting out of bed to start the day

7:30-9:00 Small Business Council meeting at the Chamber of Commerce

9:00-10:00 Drive to Rockhill Real Estate Group to check emails, return phone calls & text messages.

10:00 Show three homes to a client on the West side of Manhattan

11:15 Stop by a property that closed on Tuesday and pick up the sign and lockbox

11:30 Arrive back at Rockhill Real Estate Group and then check and answer emails again

12:00 Lunch Date with a former client

1:15 Drive back to Rockhill and prepare to meet a client to sign their deed package and final closing documents for the title company

2:00 Check emails again and answer new messages. Schedule showing requests for two listings

2:30 Paperwork time… ughhhh! Send a new contract to the title company and begin a file. Go through and finish up the closed files for the week

4:00 Show a property that is under contract to the buyer’s family 😊

4:45 Drive back to office and check my email again

5:00 Drive to Business After Hours to network & check out the area businesses

7:00 Head home... FINALLY! This is when I get to spend some much-needed time with my family



PS-Mark your calendars for June 22nd from 11a-1p to help me celebrate my milestone!

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