• by Trish Beggs

1998 to 2018

How has the Real Estate Industry Evolved from 1998 to 2018?

Back in the good-ole-days of 1998 things looked entirely different than they do today!

Any and all paperwork had to be done on a type-writer. It took forever to complete and you sure didn’t want to make a mistake! #startingover

I know what some of you are thinking “What’s a type-writer?”

Not to mention, we didn’t have lockboxes available! So, if you had to show 5 or 10 houses in a day, you had to stop by each real estate office to grab the key so you could get into the house. Plus bring them back once you were done! This took forever but luckily Concordia was a small-town!

Another radical change has been photographs of listings. Originally, I would have to take film into the 1-hour photo department at Wal-Mart so I could use for my listing sheets. There were even times we would use a Polaroid camera!

The biggest change I’ve seen is the reduction in face-to-face interaction between agents and clients. Since information moves faster, I have become and continue to be a more efficient and effective agent for my clients because technology allows me to serve them more quickly than I was able to in 1998.

There are fewer missed opportunities but I will say I miss people coming into the office more. I’m a total people person so I love chatting face-to-face. Call me old-fashioned… just don’t call me old!



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