• by Trish Beggs

Biggest Misconception of a Realtor

While I have flexibility in the hours of my day, I certainly put in 40+ hours a week! The unconventional life of my profession leads people to think Realtors have tons of free time but the successful agents simply do not.

Many nights I am up until 1 or 2 in the morning responding to emails or preparing contracts for my clients.

Or I have clients with limited availability to see houses so if their only time is at 7am or 7pm to look, I make it happen.

Sure, there are times I can have a long lunch with my girlfriends during the week, I’m certainly making up those hours on Saturday morning when others are spending time with their family!

Despite the unconventional and irregular schedule of my profession, it works for me and I would never want to change it!



PS-Mark your calendars for June 22nd from 11a-1p to help me celebrate my milestone!

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