• Casie Eichman-Hartwich

Turning Two...

Rockhill Real Estate Group Birthday

In what feels like an instant, we are back to celebrating another birthday at Rockhill Real Estate Group. This week we turn the big 2!

Thinking back to two years ago brings back a flood of memories. Brooke, Trish and myself were 3 confident Realtors running around town wide-eyed and unsure of how to open and operate a brand new company.

And we were all basically strangers to one another. Strangers committed to starting something with the passion to build a kick-ass company while fostering our partnership through every peak and valley.

Life was pure chaos in the days leading up to our grand opening on Sept 2nd, 2014 trying to mark items off our never-ending to-do list. There are so many memories I hope to never forget.

The excitement watching our business cards take form inside of the Ag Press building, pouring over the dozens of logo options from Imagemakers, sitting across from our attorney with tears in our eyes as he commented on what role models we are to his 3 young daughters, the first argument over the cost of file folders and why cost so much money; I could literally go on and on with so many vivid memories of those early days.

Life in real estate is never calm but the environment in the RH office is certainly much less dramatic than it was in 2014. Every agent that works here is asked to “grow with us” when they join our firm and I can say, I’m most proud to have the team we have today. Our company is achieving tremendous amounts of success with our sales and I’m absolutely proud of that, but truthfully, I could spend all day bragging about the people that make up our company.

We started with just 4 agents and now have 11 licenses hanging in our conference room. On behalf of my partners to our agents, we appreciate you investing in us and we’ll always be your biggest advocate as you continue to navigate your career. Thank you for partnering with us!

You know, I’ve rambled on and one about all this birthday talk but I’ve failed to bring up the best part for YOU!

The public has been so supportive of us & we want you to celebrate with us. That’s right, it’s time for the birthday celebration!

Stop by our office (2021 Vanesta Place, Suite A) anytime this week between 9a-5p for some tasty treats AND the chance to enter into a drawing for Zac Brown Band concert tickets for the upcoming concert at Bill Snyder Family Stadium on September 10th. We’ll draw a winner Friday at 4pm. You can enter daily.

Zac Brown Band Giveaway from Rockhill Real Estate Group

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the past 2 years and I look forward to celebrations for years to com!

As Always,


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