• by Casie Eichman-Hartwich

Dear Dani

Dear Dani,

Happy Administrative Assistant Appreciation Week!

Since you’re such an avid reader of the blog, I thought it would be an excellent avenue for me to express the adoration the team at Rockhill Real Estate Group has for you.

For those of you that do not know Dani, she is our Jill-of-all-trades and keeps things moving in the office. Her responsibilities are endless and often change hourly. She had no idea what she signed up for when she decided to come work here.

But since Dani basically lives in the shadows of the Realtors at Rockhill, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to show our gratitude to her and why we appreciate her so much.

In each agent’s words read below to learn about the single-and-ready-to-mingle Dani Pounds!

From Jessica Kueker:

--Thank you so much for always going above and beyond to help keep this girl straight. You have been such an awesome addition to the Rockhill Team and we are grateful for all that you do!

From Melissa Brinkman:

--To my fellow small-town-sister, thank you for always going above and beyond helping me with my crazy schedule. If it keeps up, you’re going to have to start watching Kendall too!

From Trish Beggs:

--I love Dani's fun loving spirit and her ability to always make people laugh. Her williningness to help out with anything we need from taking out the tras to obliging my OCD side by fastening all my paperwork in the folders. You can’t forget her famous line…"is there anything else you need" in a high pitch every time I ask her for help!

From Brooke Norman-Tapp:

--Dani Banani- thank you for the endless hours you spend addressing our postcards (which I know you secretly love), constantly being at our beck and call, and running our errands. We couldn’t do our jobs without you!

From Adam Bonewitz:

--Dearest Dani - Thank you for never even giving me an eye roll when I bring you unorganized files WAY later than I'm supposed to. You have to put up with a lot given that you work with so many needy women and one awesome fella- and you do it so well! I think you should start getting a bottle of wine with each paycheck! :)

From Cindy Sloan:

--Dani, Thank you for always smiling when I walk in the door. You even smile when I ask dumb questions and need help with technology! I truly appreciate all of your help!

From Julie Tacha:

--Girl... I will never stop laughing at your snap chats. Seriously though, your ability to schedule showings for me is a true form of art. Thank you for being you!

From me:

--First of all, I can’t wait to go out for drinks with you. You’ve dealt with pregnant me from day 1 and I know you deserve a night out on me. Seriously though, your energy and generous attitude to help with whatever crazy idea I have is contagious and I appreciate you tremendously.

Well, there you have it, Dani! You’re by far the most popular girl at RH.

As always,


PS- As a bonus, you are getting a raise, but I’ll wait for you to realize this blog post is the ONLY way I’m telling you so find me to discuss when you realize it!

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