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360 Days

It’s been 360 days since Rockhill Real Estate Group opened our doors. Boy-that went quickly! As the initial year winds down, there are 2 things I cannot get out of my mind; starting a blog and filtering through the numbers.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog since we opened our doors. I’ve tried multiple times, but I couldn’t come up with anything insightful. Who would have ever thought the most difficult part of this journey was starting a blog?

As our near-year in business winds down, my mind is inundated with numbers. Sharing them with you is the perfect platform to create the pivotal first blog post. Just a fair warning, once I start talking writing, I won’t shut up so don’t expect these posts to stop anytime soon.

Rockhill Real Estate Group 2021 Vanesta Drive Manhattan, KS

2021—Our new mailing address. It’s time for Rockhill to upgrade their office location. We’re over the moon to call 2021 Vanesta Place, Suite A our new place. Come see us. Like today.

Rockhill giving Sonic Happy Hour

$8.68-The amount spent daily at Sonic happy hour. We love a good fountain drink!

$217,936—Average sales price of homes listed by the team at RH. Compared to all companies that belong to the Manhattan Association of Realtors (MAR) it’s $30,534 higher than the average. That’s right; our clients are getting more money when they sell with us!

44.25—Combined years of experience by the RH team. We hear it often. “The young agents at Rockhill Real Estate” Well, despite our youthful appearance, we have experience and lots of it!

Rockhill Supports Ft. Riley

19- Not-for-profit organizations have received financial support from our company and we’re eager to support more each year we’re in business. The support we’ve received from the community has been tremendous and we want to pay it forward.

3- Agents in the top10% of production for all members belonging to Manhattan Association of Realtors. Nearly half of the team at Rockhill Real Estate belongs in the top 10%. Way to go Trish Beggs and Brooke Norman-Tapp! I’m not publically high-fiving myself, but yes, if you did the math, I’m the third agent.

Trish Beggs #1 Realtor

1—Speaking of Trish Beggs, she sits at the top for production as of August 27th, 2015. With more than 200 competitors, we’re beyond proud to have the #1 agent on our team.

3 Rockhill Boys

3—Baby Boys. All born since we opened the door. Trish is momma to Roman, Adam is daddy to William and my little boy is Ike. We can’t wait for them to get their real estate licenses.

9 to 5—Our office hours. Come by and see us in our new location!

$28,985,483—Rockhill Real Estate’s gross sales in our first year…so far!

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